How to start a career in a new industry

Here we will share with you 4 ways to get noticed by the big companies that we found the most effective.

Start a career in a new industry

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If you are thinking that your current job is not the best fit for you and you want to start your career in a new industry, then you are not alone to think that. Its very common for people to switch their industries, maybe because they have overworked themselves and want to do something new, or maybe through their current job they are not able to achieve what they want to achieve.


There can be many reasons but what is important for you to do before you break into a new industry is to prepare yourself for it.

Here are 7 tips for you on how to start a career in a new industry

1. Identify your skills

Its very important for you to recognize your existing skills. Make a list of all the skills and experiences you’ve had in your past industry. And try to find out the skills which can be helpful for the future industry.

2. Find out transferable skills

Once you’re done finding out your core skills. Try to find out some skills which you think can be transferred in favor of the new industry. 


For example, if you were working  in a marketing team then you must be having some communication skills. Now this is a skill which you can use an additional benefit at our new job.

3. Research for the industry

In one of their articles, Forbes  suggested  job seekers to always search about the industry, company and the job role they are applying for. Because its important for you to have the right knowledge about the industry. So you can prepare yourself well.

4. Consider learning some new skills

It’s always good to have some core skills based on your job role. You can enroll for some short term training or online courses. Or if you want to have a better idea of the industry try to look for volunteer work. 


Techywhiz provides IT corporate Training in various industries.

5. Update your Resume

Presenting the right information in your resume is equally important. Because that’s where your interviewer will know about what you are capable of. So prepare your resume according to the industry you are applying for.


Check: Your step by step guide to make the perfect resume

6. Use your existing network

While looking for a job in a new industry, take benefit of your existing network. Maybe you can apply in your current company but for a different industry. Specially if you don’t have any connections in the new industry. Then utilizing your existing network is the best option for you. 

7, Prepare for the interview

Before going for an interview you should prepare yourself for it. Don’t let your interviewer look down on your ability because of your background. Instead you can prepare some questions to ask about the company and position to show your interest.


If you want to learn more about how to prepare yourself for an interview then tuned for our upcoming content.

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