How to get noticed by the Big Companies?

Here we will share with you 4 ways to get noticed by the big companies that we found the most effective.


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Getting a role into companies like AmazonGoogleApple is too competitive. Since these companies receives a huge amount of applications for the jobs. Without having any connection or reference it may becomes hard for you to stand out among the crowd.

Its quite natural for you to not have those connections, but you are not excluded from landing the perfect job at any competitive companies.

But while applying for the job, specially when you dont know anyone, your approach need to be different from others to get noticed.

Wikipedia list of Largest Companies by revenue.

1. Get noticed with social accounts of the company

Following the company’s social accounts and being active on their page can make you noticeable to the employer. Through their pages you will get to know the company well, and the more you engage yourself the better  the chances are to get noticed. Remember its not completely about get noticed, its also about learning from the higher-ups and engaging yourself. Simply because you will find it interesting.

2. Participate in corporate events

Big companies often organizes events for new talents. Participating in those events or just volunteering can make a big impact on your chances of getting noticed. But for that you need to be well aware of your best skill and know how to present them well.

Take a step back and take some time to analyze your skills. Go through all the past jobs and the experiences you have to find out what is your best skill. Because these type of events are specially organized for people to show their talent and people gets hired by the company from these events.

3. Get noticed by connecting with communities

Find out the active communities related to your field and get connected. In a competitive field more than anything your work will bring you recognition.

Designer communities like dribble open up opportunities for designers to show their work to the world. By showing your best piece of work to people, you’re letting others know what you are capable of doing. It increases your chances of getting noticed by the higher ups. Because employees from startup to global leaders also join these communities.

4. Approach differently

Instead of just applying for an online application try to get to know the higher-ups of your desired company. Not only because of getting references, but also getting to know someone personally will help you develop yourself. It is helpful for future connections as well.

Just be yourself, simply you can send a text massage to the person, who inspires you. In many cases by doing so people got recommendations even without asking for it.

It’s never late for you to get started once you’ve figured out your way. So, go ahead, plan your way and get started!

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