How does Techywhiz help Job Seekers to find their ideal job.

Since 2016, Techywhiz has provided personalized training and Full-time job placements for the job seekers. Ever since, our goal is to help you find the right job as per your skills.


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As your employment partner we are always open to listen to your needs and assist you in this. Our professional recruiters will go through you skills and previous work experiences. So that, we get to known each other a bit more and offer you jobs that is best for you.

How can Techywhiz help you

1. Save your time

No matter what career goals you have, our expertise will help you to maximize your potentials for the competitive job market. And once you’re well prepared for the job role, we will help you to land the job though our connections.

2. Job opportunities

We have developed a long-lasting relationship with many of the tech giants, small and mid sized companies. When our clients need to fill a key position or preparing for a large project, they reach us first. So you will be able to apply for positions that are not available anywhere else.

3. Job placements

After screening and evaluating your profile our marketing specialists can help you fine-tune your resume as per the job requirements. If your skills and experiences are highly marketable for a position you haven’t considered we will target that position as well. To help you get interviewed and land the job, we offer a Skill Set Guarantee when we ,market your profile on our large network.

4. Skill development

Our experienced recruiters will take the time to get to know you and to learn about your skills, experiences, availability and goals.

As a registered candidate you will find software tutorial programs to hone your skills. Whether you’re in between assignments or close to finding your ideal position, you can always improve your marketability by improving your technical and on-job skills.


We provide professional corporate training in the areas mentioned below:

1. Learn Java Development with Techywhiz

From this training you will be able to design, develop, collaborate and manage JAVA-based applications.

Know more about Java Development.

Learn Java Development with Techywhiz
Learn SAS with Techywhiz

2. Learn SAS with Techywhiz

Through SAS or Statistical Software Suit you will learn how to handle large Databases and evaluate the business environment.

Know more about SAS.

3. Learn Business Analysis with Techywhiz

It will teach you how to study analyze and prepare reports about existing business process of an Organization.

Know more about Business Analyst.

Learn Business Analysis with Techywhiz
Learn Quality Analysis with Techywhiz

4. Learn Quality Analysis with Techywhiz

You will learn how to evaluate products, systems and software to ensure quality adequacy and avoid problems while delivering products and services to the customers.

Know more about Quality Analyst.

5. Learn Data Analysis with Techywhiz

You will learn how to collect and store data, market research, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors and to ensure the quality and accuracy of that data, then process, design, and present it in ways to help people, businesses, and organizations make better decisions.

Know more about Data Analyst.

Learn Data Analysis with Techywhiz

Get training and job placement.

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