Career options for students with engineering degree

For the past several years Bachelor of Technology has been a popular field of study among students. As there are many different type of jobs available for students under this category. Here we will be sharing with you available careers options for the students with an engineering degree.

Table of Contents

1. Jobs based on your major

Jobs as an Engineer depends on the focus of your studies. There so many different categories when it comes to engineering.

Those categories are:

⦁ Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering

Aerospace engineering

Biomedical engineering

Chemical engineering

Petroleum engineering

Environmental engineering

Industrial engineering

Automobile engineering

Agricultural engineering

Nuclear engineering

Structural engineering

Manufacturing engineering

2. Related career paths

There are many alternatives that you can choose. For example an Industrial Engineer can also choose a career path in a related areas. Such as:

Supply chain

3. Alternative career paths

As an Engineering student you are well suited for other alternative career paths.
Here are some other potential career options that you can choose:

⦁ Business
⦁ IT
⦁ Management
⦁ Research and Development
⦁ Consulting

3. Percentage of Employment

To sum it up for you, here’s the percentage of Employment of engineering students.

⦁ Manager- 4.0%
⦁ All other occupations- 9.7%
⦁ Clerical and Administrative- 4.0%
⦁ Community and Personal- 3.2%
⦁ Technicals and Trade- 7.1%
⦁ Professional- 72.0%

4. Salary

Engineering undergraduates are one of the top five highest paid, With an average salary starting from $67,000. With a higher degree like M.Tech it can go up even more. The median salary with a higher degree starts from $88,000 and even more.

5. Famous personalities

Here is a list of some famous people who studied engineering:

Rowan Atkinson(popular for Mr.Bean and Blackadder): Rowan Atkinson graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Newcastle University. And completed in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s College, Oxford.

Cindy Crawford: She was a student of Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University.

Ashton Kutcher: He studied Biochemical Engineering from the University of Lowa.

Teri Hatcher: She studied Mathematics and Engineering from De Anza Collage.

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