– Nobody likes a braggart, but in the working world, you often need to. Pat yourself on the back in public because a few people will do it for you. Whether you’re in the market for a new job or not, you should be taking every opportunity to show employers how awesome you are. Don’t wait for others to shine the spotlight in your direction – it’s your responsibility to sell your skills and experience. . Here are five ways to become more attractive to prospective employers.


1. Build a strong presence on social media.

Consider creating professional social media accounts over LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms to create a professional presence online and connect with others in your field. A strong presence on social media can also help you get spotted by recruiters.

The key is to stay active. Don’t just create a profile and let it collect dust—write posts regularly. Starting a new job? Post an update. Going to an industry conference? Tweet live updates from the event. Also, have a professional-looking headshot. (This isn’t your dating profile!)


2. Create a portfolio of your best work.

If you’ve been in college for more than a year or two, odds are you’ve complete a few projects that would do well to show off your skills. Between your classes for your major, jobs you’ve had, club projects, and things you’ve done for fun, you probably have a backlog of cool stuff.

Where is it all now though? Most people keep all their projects in a folder, or tuck them away in some archive directory on their computer. When interview time roles around, they might mention something about those projects – but they don’t actually have anything to show.

That’s why you need to create a portfolio.

Instead of socking away all your work on your hard drive, collect it together and find a way to display it for all the world to see. I’d recommend utilizing a method that lets you bring it up wherever you are – which means it should be online.

There are several options for making an online portfolio, all with their own pros and cons.


3. Create a stand out resume.

-Most people think a resume is just a list of all the jobs you’ve had, your education, some achievements, and contact information. At a base level, that’s sort of correct. However, just leaving it at that would be foolish – so don’t leave it at that!

Your resume should include all the major categories, education, work experience, leadership experience and contact information. However, it should also stand out in some way. I designed a logo using my initials, which I’ve put in the upper righthand corner of my resume. I know other people who have included photos on their resumes. Whatever makes you stand out from the other applicants is a good thing.

Your resume should be job-specific.

This means that the resume you use to apply for a Resident Assistant position should not be the same resume you use to apply for a position as a web developer. As long as you have enough experience, you should always prominently feature the most relevant positions to the job you’re applying for on your resume. If it’s a web development position, list your web development experience right at the top. So go the extra mile and create a clean, visually interesting resume.


4.Dress and act appropriately.

– Most have heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well, it really does hold some truth. When going into an interview, don’t dress just for your part, dress for the part of upper or senior management, or the position that you hope to obtain during your career at the company and bring an additional resume with references. Remember to treat every person you encounter with dignity and respect.

The receptionist is reporting their impressions of you to the HR director. Count on it, especially in small to mid-sized organizations. Be unfailingly polite throughout every interaction you have with the company. Each person is assessing your potential fit within their organization. Don’t blow your chances by behaving boorishly.

First impressions are everything, especially when you only have 30 minutes or so to talk with someone before they decide to hire you. So, if you want to get the job fast, make it count!


5. Know the company and job

– Never apply for a company knowing next to nothing about the company. if you’re in dark it will show that you don’t care very much about getting the job.

Research the position well before you show up to the interview. Don’t apply for something you don’t know anything about, or have a little information. Your knowledge and interest will show in the interview.


Bonus tips:

6. Say “THANK YOU”

Interviewers respond positively to candidates who thank them for their time after an interview. Send a thank you letter or email stating how it was a pleasure to speak with them and that you really appreciate the opportunity. This shows that you are just as invested as they are, and are sincerely interested in the position.

This shows that you are just as invested as they are, and are sincerely interested in the position.

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